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A holistic approach thrives on cross-functional collaboration in the dynamic intersection of Design, Technology, and Business. Embracing both product-led and customer-led practices, this synergy forms the backbone of innovation. Design seamlessly integrates usability, functionality and aesthetics, while Technology provides the tools for transformative solutions. Business, with its strategic lens, ensures viability and market relevance. Together, these forces drive a customer-centric ethos where the user experience is paramount. In this symbiotic relationship, ideas are translated into tangible products, ensuring a seamless journey from conception to delivery, all while keeping the customer at the heart of the process.

How to lead, support and build up a team in the intersection of Design, Technology and Business is my focus.

Developing products excites my brain; developing people satisfies my soul. I partner with the design leaders on product and team strategy. My focus is on improving team efficiency by providing operational support for people, processes, and platforms.
Through empathy, nurture, and encouragement, I lead teams that celebrate the growth mindset. Each team member is unique, and each team member has his or her own focus on growing as a professional. I empower my team to focus on personal growth.
Through collaboration with business partners and cross-functional delivery partners, I advocate for the business value of design. In a balanced team, designers, product managers, and engineers all have an equal seat at the table, and when we work together, we deliver the strongest results.

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Growing People: A Thought Piece

Designers, like many other professionals, rely on career leveling or ladders to guide their growth within their organizations. These guidelines provide structure and a sense of direction for designers and design organizations to follow. However, when developing these guidelines, it’s essential to consider more than just industry standards. I am using “designers” as an example, as currently I am supporting […]

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Navigating the Challenges of Scaling Up a DesignOps Team

In the ever-evolving world of design, the emergence of DesignOps has brought about significant improvements in team efficiency, collaboration, and overall design processes. However, scaling up a DesignOps team from a solitary practitioner to a fully functional unit can be a daunting journey for design leaders and DesignOps leaders. I want to explore the challenges that come with this endeavor […]

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Career path

Unleashing Potential: How DesignOps Professionals Thrive in Transition to Chief of Staff

DesignOps Skills Transferable to Chief of Staff Role A possible career path for DesignOps practitioners who want to continue in the individual contributor path can be the Chief of Staff(CoS). And many DesignOps leads do consider themselves as the CoS for the design leader. Design Operations (DesignOps) is a discipline that focuses on managing the people, processes, and platforms/tools involved […]

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Process or no process

Phtoto credit: @fallonmichaeltx Processes kill innovation and creativity.  Processes break down silos, reduce duplicated work and increase productivity and efficiency. Both can be true. Why? If processes are rules, they limit you; however, if processes are guidance, they enable you. In the fast-paced world of business, processes can often be viewed with skepticism. The notion of being tied down by […]