DesignOps is about people

DesignOps is about people

There were much discussions about what DesignOps should be doing. To me, it drills down to three areas: People, Processes, and Tooling. 

Coming from a product design background, DesignOps is a product development process. It is all about people— the designers we serve. 

We help our designers to do focused work. To deliver high impact, high quality work. Not just putting out fires. To be more satisfied with what they are doing. We build in the process to support our people to work with our PMs and Engineers on strategic work.  We provide tools to help our people to work more effectively and efficiently.

For designops- 

Even you need process and tools, or the process and tools are already in place, they need to service the PEOPLE.  

Our designers come first. – it is all about people. 

In our designers’ own words,

DesignOps is to help designers to do their best work.

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