Employee happiness

Employee happiness

Photo credit unsplash.com You X Ventures Studio , Toronto, Canada

In the next few weeks, I will talk about team health. In one of the most recent talks I gave at DesignOps Global, I mentioned that DesignOps could be measured more than the money we saved, more than the time we saved. DesignOps’ success can be measured by team health. A healthy team, happier team members, translate into business means better retention. It means a better customer experience and higher product adoption, conversion. But, to me, this measurement is cold. What is meaningful is people. Care personally is a deep belief I have. Caring about our people starts from bringing in more happiness at the workplace and in life.

Employee happiness series

#1— Flexibility 
#2—Team culture
#3—Teach and learn
#4—Do meaningful work
#5—Mental health, psychological safety

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