Creative Recharge

Colorful cloud from red orange to yellow to green to cyan to purple to pink. Creative Recharge.

Take this day to recharge your creative battery.

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Case story

Creative Recharge? Sound fun?
And yes, it is fun. And work can be creative and fun.
It started by addressing a need for mental healing and taking care of our members. Amidst the global pandemic, as our entire team transitioned to remote work, we encountered a myriad of new challenges associated with working from home. Recognizing the importance of addressing these hurdles, we dedicated a day to fostering creative rejuvenation.
Our “Creative Recharge Day” was born out of the collective need to nurture the well-being of each team member.
We know there is no one-size-fits-all model. We studied how other companies enabled similar activities and analyzed our team’s needs. We end up with a “Creative Recharge Day” each quarter idea.
From an operational perspective, we also have to work out the logistics, communications, and with HR. We emphasize that this is not a day off. Recharge is an important part of our teamwork.
The “Creative Recharge Day” not only offered a respite from the demands of our professional lives but also served as a reminder of the resilience and creativity within our team. As we returned to our usual work routine, there was a noticeable uplift in morale and a newfound appreciation for the importance of mental health in our collective success. It became a recurring initiative, a day to celebrate creativity, foster well-being, and strengthen the bonds that held our remote team together.
Since the inception of our “Creative Recharge Day” for the product experience team, many other teams across the company have adopted this activity for their team members.

Here is an example of the team’s Creative Recharge Day

Why do it?

Team well-being is paramount. Deliberately attend to the mental health needs of members and designate time for creative rejuvenation. This ensures that team members can bring their best selves to our work.

When to do it?

As needed. Suggest once a quarter for a team size 20~100 people. Adjust for specific needs. (Note some companies are experimenting with four working days, or week-long recharge each quarter)

What supplies are needed (if in person)


How to use this method

Participants: All team members

Sample process

  • Communicate the purpose of the recharge day
  • Communicate the expectations internally with the team
  • Communicate with cross-functional partners to ensure every team member is able to be offline
  • Optional: advocate through out the company

If your team has a budget, consider running one of the more structured “Creative Recharge Day” every so often in addition to the self-paced day.

Kick offf the day with a virtual morning mindfulness session (led by a professional instructor). It can provide a tranquil start, helping everyone to center themselves and set a positive tone for the day.
Encourage team members to step away from their usual work tasks throughout the day. Instead, they delved into creative pursuits of their choice.
Artistic endeavors, painting or sketching, or pottery
Explored writing, sharing stories and thoughts inspired by their unique experiences during the pandemic.
Structure a group museum visit
Movie day (we’ve scheduled a few watch parties)
Fun remote activities (cooking classes, escape room)

A midday virtual check-in allowed the team to share their progress and creations. Laughter echoed through our virtual space as we glimpsed into each other’s worlds, discovering hidden talents and passions. It was a refreshing break from the usual work routine, fostering a sense of camaraderie despite the physical distance.

In the afternoon, run a virtual workshop on stress management and self-care techniques, providing valuable tools for navigating the challenges of remote work. The day concluded with a virtual social hour, where team members connected over shared experiences, aspirations, and the joy derived from their creative pursuits.