Talks and discussions about DesignOps

Friends of Figma First Month of Being a DesignOps

DesignOps Intro

covered different activities, deliverables, and ceremonies the DesignOps Practitioner could perform for the first month of being a DesignOps. Our goal is to provide an action plan for the starters and align with experts’ best practices.

UXDX Community USA West Panel Discussion

UXDX Community talk

Building A DesignOps Function as a Team of One

As you and your leadership have recognized that you need to build a DesignOps Function. But where do you start? In this session, Z will talk through her journey of establishing DesignOps at Cloudflare. She will touch on: – Where to focus as you start building the function, – What should be prioritized, – What challenges you will encounter (and how to address them); and – How to ensure that the function scales with your product & teams

Friends of Figma designOps Skill Matrix

DesignOps Skill Matrix

Friends of Figma DesignOps meetup where we are going to create an open-source skill matrix for the DesignOps, so don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the history! Here are the main questions that we are going to cover: – How DesignOps fit into the Org Structure? – Career path for the DesignOps. How can I become a DesignOps? – Core pillars of the DesignOps. Required knowledge, skills, and experience.

Friends of Figma DesignOps Intro

Friends of Figma DesignOps

The goal is to give you a clear understanding of DesignOps and the opportunity to ask questions to the experts! The topics that we are going to cover:

  • Definition of DesignOps, focus areas, and approach;
  • DesignOps engagement models on the team, streams, and organization levels;
  • Which soft/hard skills are required to become a true DesignOps.
Talk at DevOps conference

Celebrate Design With DesignOps

Practical tactics of how DesignOps can help the design team to thrive in a highly technical tech company. Build-Measure-Learn, us the same service design principles to guide designops.

Operationalizing service design

Utilize service design methods, processes, and tools for DesignOps
How to choose if we had to make a hard decision between people and process? This talk tells my story of transitioning from a product-lead to a DesginOps-lead and lessons I’ve learned in my day-to-day decisions while leading and supporting my design team.

DesignOps Global 2021 Panel Discussion