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It’s well-known that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” in design practice and designops. The importance of metrics, which metrics to use, and how to use those metrics are somewhat less clear.

I participated in this panel discussion hosted by Rosenfeld Media to share my learnings on this topic.

-Changying (Z) Zheng:
-John Calhoun
Hosted by DesignOps Community Curators:
-Farid Sabitov
-Saara Kamppari-Miller

Friends of Figma First Month of Being a DesignOps

The first month of being a DesignOps

This talk covered different activities, deliverables, and ceremonies the DesignOps Practitioner could perform for the first month of being a DesignOps. Our goal is to provide an action plan for the starters and align with experts’ best practices.

UXDX Community USA West Panel Discussion

UXDX Community talk

Building A DesignOps Function as a Team of One

As you and your leadership have recognized that you need to build a DesignOps Function. But where do you start? In this session, Z will talk through her journey of establishing DesignOps at Cloudflare. She will touch on: – Where to focus as you start building the function, – What should be prioritized, – What challenges you will encounter (and how to address them); and – How to ensure that the function scales with your product & teams.

Friends of Figma designOps Skill Matrix

DesignOps Skill Matrix

Friends of Figma DesignOps meetup where we are going to create an open-source skill matrix for the DesignOps, so don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the history! Here are the main questions that we are going to cover: – How DesignOps fit into the Org Structure? – Career path for the DesignOps. How can I become a DesignOps? – Core pillars of the DesignOps. Required knowledge, skills, and experience.

Friends of Figma First Month of Being a DesignOps

Leverating Jira to expose product design process, and facilitate cross-functional collaboration

Jira is not your friendly tool? Have you had a hard time with designers adopting Jira? For developers, Jira is a popular tool to track progress and surface bugs. In addition, PMs use Jira to explain business goals and set quarterly product shipping targets. In this talk, Changying (Z) Zheng shares her journey working with the designers and IT to update their Jira design ticket. The team will deliver value when we make the tools work for people. DesignOps can bridge the gap and make it happen.

Transition from designer to designops

Are you unsure about transitioning into DesignOps? Don’t let doubt hold you back.

DesignOps offers a unique opportunity to combine your passion for design with the strategic mindset needed to streamline operations and drive impactful outcomes. đź’ˇ

Join Changying (Z) Zheng, Principal DesignOps at Cloudflare, as she shares her inspiring journey into DesignOps—an exciting field that has captured the interest of many! (Subscribe to the story)

Friends of Figma DesignOps Intro

Friends of Figma DesignOps

The goal is to give you a clear understanding of DesignOps and the opportunity to ask questions to the experts! The topics that we are going to cover:

  • Definition of DesignOps, focus areas, and approach;
  • DesignOps engagement models on the team, streams, and organization levels;
  • Which soft/hard skills are required to become a true DesignOps.
Talk at DevOps conference

Celebrate Design With DesignOps

Practical tactics of how DesignOps can help the design team to thrive in a highly technical tech company. Build-Measure-Learn, us the same service design principles to guide designops.

Operationalizing service design

Utilize service design methods, processes, and tools for DesignOps
How to choose if we had to make a hard decision between people and process? This talk tells my story of transitioning from a product-lead to a DesginOps-lead and lessons I’ve learned in my day-to-day decisions while leading and supporting my design team.

DesignOps Global 2021 Panel Discussion